Modern Interior Design for Small Living Rooms in Apartment

If you have small apartment, it is quite tricky to manage your room interiors because the limitation of the space. Every room interiors should be arranged appropriately in order not to make the effect of untidy and looks smaller, including your small living room in your apartment. Actually, it is easy to get a modern touch in your small apartment living room if you a creative idea to arrange it. A small living room benefits from light, and a glass balcony door is perfect for opening up the room and extending the living space. Furniture selection and arrangement and the color of the walls also contribute to expanding the feel of your space. Therefore, these are some tips to design your small living room.

Firstly, paint your walls with light colors, such as white and broken white, to make your small living room seems wider. It is better to match the color of your wall with the color of your curtain. Therefore, it will give a sense of harmony and balance towards the other interiors. The light colors also bring a sense of modernity for your small living room.

Then, you should select porcelain or ceramic tiles in a light color for the floor. You can create the look of one continuous room by extending the tiling onto the balcony floor. Do not forget to just use one design of floor tile which has similar color with your living room walls and curtains.

Third, it is better if you buy a loveseat instead of a sofa because loveseat will not spend a lot of space. Loveseat with light colors is also good for your living room. Put your loveseat in the place where it will not disturb the activities of your members of the family.

After that, it is important to use mirrors to expand the space, especially on a wall that reflects out the window. You can use either glass or crystal mirrors that allow the eye to travel through the object instead of meeting a solid wall. A crystal mirrors with fresh or silk flowers will make a warm atmosphere to your living room and benefits from the light streaming in from your balcony window.

Well, those are some tips to design your living room interiors in your apartment become modern. It is not difficult to be applied if you follow those inspiring tips. Therefore, the limitation of the space is no longer a barrier for you to decorate your small living room in your apartment to be a modern place to live in.

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